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  • Ordering & Shipping

    Shipping and Ordering

    Customers are advised to purchase a sample before placing your order to make sure the color meets your expectation. The color you see on your screen is not necessarily the same as it is in person.  Cement tile colors often appear brighter and more vivid on screen .

    Tiles that are in stock usually ship within 2 business days.  Transit times vary, but on average, tiles leaving the warehouse take between 5-10 business days to arrive, from time of order. Special orders take from 9–12 weeks, depending on size and quantity.

    We advise adding 15% on top of all orders to account for wastage and breakage during installation. Our website automatically adds the additional 15% to your order once you select your desired quantity.

    Shipping tiles via airfreight is extremely expensive and color and appearance vary between different dye lots.  Because of this, it is vital that you order more than you think you need for consistency and to avoid long waiting times.  Mistakenly ordering less than you need can be very costly if we don’t have your tiles in stock after you have started installation.  Its better to have too much than not enough.

    If you are unsure about quantity, consult your installer before ordering to ensure you have enough to fill your space.  Certain patterns will look best when they are centered on the wall or floor based on the position of faucets or sinks etc.  We strongly suggest that customers map out a scale drawing of tile pattern over their desired area first before determining quantity.  There can be a lot of cuts and wasted tile if you are trying to center the pattern of the tiles to a particular object rather.  This will require adding more to your order.


    All orders within the US are shipped with World Wide Express by LTL (less than a truckload). WWE use a network of different carriers across the US and the cheapest option will automatically be selected for you at checkout.  Every order is shipped on a pallet and will be delivered curbside. The carrier will contact you within just prior to delivery to help you if you have any special requirements, such as a specific date and time of delivery, or need a pallet jack or lift gate. If you need your order shipped outside the US, please email us for a custom freight quote.

    The Extra 15%

    Please bear in mind that cement tiles are 100% handmade. Ordering more than you need will actually save you money in the long run.

    Let us explain why…

    Say, for instance, that tiles break or mistakes are made during installation – the price of the extra 15% coverage will be minimal in comparison to the cost of shipping one-off replacements, should you require extra tiles to complete the job. This is the most common mistake customers make. A small order could cost you a lot more than the original recommended extra 15%.


    • All completed orders require 100% payment at time of order.
    • Payments are processed online.
    • Invoices are provided and copies are sent via email.
    • Sales tax is applied at the time of payment and paid as part of the original order.
    • Shipping costs are estimated and charged with each order.

    Any changes to orders, shipping dates, and/or shipping methods will result in change of order costs which will be determined at the time of change request.  Customers accept that their credit card will automatically be bill for any additional charges including storage fees if they are not contactable by the shipper for a delivery date.

    We do not offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. And we do not offer restocking fees.

    Damaged Goods & Returns

    All tiles leave our warehouse carefully packed and in perfect condition.  We photograph and video tape each order as it is packed prior to pickup as proof. Claims for damaged or broken tiles must be made through the shipping company.  Each customer is responsible for unwrapping inspecting all boxes when received onsite. The driver must wait 15 mins for the inspection and you must record any obvious damage to the boxes or cracked tiles immediately on the freight company Proof of Delivery (POD) at the time of delivery. If there is damage or issues with the delivery, photographs will also be required to assist in any claims being made.

    Please do not refuse the shipment. If you find damage, missing tiles, or incorrect quantities, please accept the shipment and note the issues in detail on the POD with the delivery person.  If the driver will not wait please write “Driver would not wait – Pending Further Inspection” on the POD next to your signature and take a photo of the POD and contact SABA immediately. When damage is properly noted and photographed, SABA can begin the process of getting replacement tiles to you. Please notify SABA immediately of any tile shortage. All claims for shortages, incorrect tiles or damage, must be made within 24 hours of delivery.

    Please also note, the claims agent for the shipping company will request photos and written documentation to process the claim.

    Please take time to ensure that this is done carefully and correctly.

    The Successful Delivery Checklist:

    Ensure that you have someone on-site to accept your delivery. Any missed deliveries or delivery refusals will result in storage and redelivery fees which will be automatically billed to your credit card.

    Check all items against packing list during the delivery receipt.

    Take photos and note any damage with the delivery driver on the BOL.

    Contact SABA immediately if there are any issues.

    By placing orders, all customers accept and agree to all terms and conditions of sale outlined above.

  • Installation


    After receiving your order and inspecting your tiles, it is important to store them correctly prior to installation. Make sure that your tiles are stored in a dry area away from any wet or damp. Wet or damp conditions could cause color damage, stains or surface impairment.

    Just prior to install we advise moving the tiles into your intended area and allowing them to acclimate to the humidity of the space for up to 48 hours.


    Due to the handmade nature of cement tiles, prior to installation, it is advised that you mix up different tiles from different boxes to achieve a blend. Variation and blend is crucial to getting the most from your tiles aesthetically.

    Surface Preparation – Tiling floors

    Your installer will need to allow for 3/4″ below your finished floor height (1/2″ or 3/8″ for the tiles depending on the thickness of the tile and 1/8″ for mortar). If your substrate is plywood, be sure the plywood complies with the architect’s specifications for your site and use an installation mat to insure the perfect installation.

    When you know that your floor surface is the correct height and completely level, you’ll need to make sure it’s also completely dry before installing your cement tiles. Moisture in concrete can escape through tiles. If that happens, it can cause powdery white limestone deposits to surface. Do not lay your cement tiles directly onto fresh uncured concrete.

    Not all cured concrete is moisture-free. Check for moisture by taping a piece of clear plastic onto your slab, about the size of  US Letter paper.  Thoroughly tape down all four edges. If condensation or moisture appears, you will need to apply a waterproof membrane before installation.

    Correct level and dry concrete aren’t all you need for a proper substrate. You will also need to add expansion joints to larger floors or wall applications in order to prevent cracking or fracturing from the possible movement of the substrate. Expansion joints placed according to the proper guidelines will ensure what’s under your tiles has room to move, but in the right way. Remember to always consult your architect or engineer.

    If your floor joists have sufficient strength and aren’t bending, you can install tiles on a wooden floor. This is possible if you use a cement backer board first, just like you would do behind the tile in a shower space.

    Do not install tiles until all other construction works have been completed. This will help ensure that your cement tiles are not soiled before installation.

    It is critical that once the tiles are installed that they are immediately covered with hard board followed by a sealed then a layer of plastic to protect them and dust or dirt until all construction is completed.  The hard board is essential to protect them from scratching.

    Surface Preparation – Tiling walls

    Wall installations require just as much care and preparation as floor installations. Cement tiles can be installed over drywall, plaster, cement block, and cement backer board (for moist areas). The optimum conditions for installation requires a flat, smooth and dry surface. Cracked surfaces must be smoothed out and patched. If using backer board, follow the installation guidelines of the manufacturer.

    Once again, be sure that your walls have gone through the same drying steps (See ‘Surface Preparation – Tiling new floors). Excessive moisture can escape through cement tiles and affect them aesthetically.

    Surface Preparation – Tiling wet areas

    For wet areas such as showers, around pools, and other places prone to moisture, the underlayment should be sealed with a waterproof membrane or other moisture-resistant product. Cement-fiber backer board is an ideal underlayment for tile in wet locations. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. And always consult your architect or engineer.


    • Use a high quality thin-set cement-based adhesive such as a Laticrete or Mapei product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Always consult with your installer first to see which adheasive they advise is best for your space.
    • Using a small grout joint of 1/32”  is recommended. Larger joints can disrupt tile patterns and may cause damage to tile edges.
    • Treat tiles with care when applying to the adhesive surface. Move in a perpendicular back and forth motion to help achieve a level setting.
    • Do not strike tiles with mallets or any other tools. Make sure that all tiles are level and pay attention to the tile’s pattern to make sure it lines up correctly.


    • Grouting is the single most important aspect of successful tiling. Failures occur when the incorrect grout or incorrect grouting methods are used.
    • Once the mortar bed is sufficiently dried/cured, sweep the floor thoroughly to remove all loose grit.
    • Wash the floor with a neutral detergent. For non polycoated tiles never use any acidic cleaners, such as vinegar. Rinse the floor thoroughly with plenty of water. Remove water and allow to dry before buffing or polishing.
    • For non polycoated tiles once the floor is dry, apply a grout release, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • For non polycoated Only use natural unsanded grout. Do not use permacolor grout or you could stain tiles.
    • Grout your desired area filling in the gaps between the tiles with a rubber N.B. Do not grout the entire floor all at once as this will cause staining from the excess grout. Grout small areas at a time and wipe off the excess grout as you go. (This only applies to non polycoated cement tiles.  Grout will not stain polycoated tiles)
    • For non polycoated tiles immediately remove excess grout with a clean damp cloth or sponge.
    • For non polycoated tiles do not let any excess grout dry on the surface as it may cause staining.
    • Allow the grout to dry for 48 hours.


    Sealing is only necessary for non polycoated cement tiles.  The polycoated tiles do not require sealing.

    The non poly coated tiles need to be sealed 3 times during installation.  1st when you open the box and lay the tiles out prior to blending, then again once installed and then a 3rd time after the grouting process.

    It is important to note that even after sealing 3 times the cement tiles are porous (similar to soap or limestone) and can still stain.  The sealing helps protect the tiles but will never be 100% stain resistant.  That is why it is important to make sure that no staining agents are left on the surface of the tiles.  Any spillage should be wiped off immediately.  Once the tiles are stained it is near impossible to fully remove stains.  Part of the charm of this product is that it does patina over time and is ideal for customers who can appreciate the wear and tear that gives the tiles character.

    After installation, it is important to let any moisture in the tiles to evaporate before sealing. Otherwise, moisture could become trapped under the sealant, resulting in dark staining or hairline cracks.

    Make sure your tiles are clean and free from any grit, dirt, oil, dust or any other material.

    After cleaning, you can reseal the tiles and grout lines to add extra protection, especially in water-prone areas to help avoid excess We recommend using Miracle 511 Porous Plus or any high performance penetrating or impregnating sealant.  You should consult with your installer first to see which sealer they advise is best for your space.

    Do not put anything over sealer until it has dried N.B.*** For outdoor tile installations, it is critically important to protect your tiles with a penetrating sealer that includes UV protection. This will help combat direct sunlight and maintain the appearance of your tiles.

    NB.*** If installing tiles outdoors and you live in an area where freeze–thaw might be an issue, it is also critically important to use a waterproof sealant for non polycoated tiles only. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also note, if after sealing, water does not form beads on the tile surface, your tiles are not sealed correctly.

    For outdoor installations, never install cement tiles (waterproofed or otherwise) below grade or level. The tiles will still absorb moisture and freeze–thaw will happen.

    Outdoor wall installations will require flashing to act as weather proofing support to prevent moisture from forming behind your installation.

    SABA tile recommends that each customer hire a licensed contractor with specific expertise in installing cement tiles prior to installation. The installation procedures given above are meant as a general guide only. SABA Tile Company does not accept any liability for installation, care & maintenance or repairs once orders have been received by the customer.

  • Care & Maintenance

    Your cement tiles have been installed. You’re totally besotted and in love with them. Now, here’s how to care for them and keep them in tiptop condition.

    Cement tiles are porous in nature, meaning they may take on moisture and are affected by the environment in which they live. For best results non polycoated cement tiles should be sealed 2-3 times a year with an impregnating or penetrating sealer to help maintain their looks and deter staining. It is a quick and simple process of wiping the sealer on the surface with a cloth leaving it sit for 3 -5 minutes then wiping off any excess. For clients in the US we recommend using Miracle 511 Porous Plus but you should consult with your installer first to see which sealer they advise is best for your space.

    Keep in mind that even after sealing non polycoated cement tiles can still stain easily and you should always try to wipe any spillage immediately to reduce the risk of permanent staining.

    For non polycoated cement tiles cleaning regularly with an PH neutral detergent will help keep the tiles looking fresh and reduce the appearance of water spotting.  Avoid using acids to clean your tiles. These may include, vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, industrial detergents or citrus soaps.  Never allow water to accumulate on tiles. This could result in staining or cracking.

  • Terms of Sale

    Cement Tile Appearance

    All of our products are handmade – and because of this – every tile is slightly different. This is part of their unique charm. Understanding the cement tile manufacturing process helps appreciate how tiles age and wear over time – ultimately becoming more beautiful. Customers must seal and maintain tiles as per instructional guidelines. Doing this protects them and ensures longevity. It is critical that cement tiles are maintained correctly.


    Cement tiles suit a variety of uses, however, it is important that you research cement tile performance and suitability for your desired space – before installation. SABA cannot make guarantees on performance or maintenance of tiles after they have been installed.

    Cement tiles are all handmade. This delicate manufacturing process means every tile is slightly different, with very minor variations in size, shading and appearance.

    For non polycoated cement tiles their color and tone may change over time, but with regular maintenance they will last you a lifetime. If considering cement tiles for your project, ensure that you order a sufficient quantity to account for color matching, as well as damage, cutting and waste that may occur during installation. We recommend adding 15% extra to all orders to account for this.

    During installation, mix and match tiles from different boxes to achieve a more natural blend and to ensure cohesiveness. We recommend doing this as colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

  • Terms & Conditions


    Each placed order (“Sales Order”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”) between you (“Customer”) and Saba Tile LLC (“Saba”). No other terms or conditions shall apply to any Sales Order or this Agreement unless agreed upon in writing. By entering into a sales transaction with Saba, Customer acknowledges they have read the Terms and Conditions and accept the terms in their entirety. Customer further acknowledges they have read and understand Saba’s instructions on its Resources Page with regard to Ordering & Shipping, Care & Maintenance, Installation, and Terms of Sale.

    Price and Payment.

    Unless otherwise stated, all prices of tile products purchased from Saba (“Products”) quoted are exclusive of sales and use taxes which shall be added (if applicable) at the current prevailing applicable rate. All prices quoted are also exclusive of freight and delivery fees, unless otherwise stated. The applicable Sales Order shall set forth the price of Products, terms for payment, and the amounts of any deposits.

    Review of Order.

    Customer shall confirm that the Sales Order contains full and accurate information of the ordered Products, especially the Product name/number, price, quantity, payment and delivery information. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide Saba with accurate information. Saba shall not be liable for any mistake arising from inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Customer. Customer is responsible for verifying quantities, dimensions, site conditions, and any other requirements before ordering.  SABA advises customers to purchase a sample in advance of placing orders in order to make sure the tile meets the desired expectation.  Color, sheen and texture may appear differently in person than on a computer screen.  All sales are final after purchase.


    Saba will provide the Customer with an estimated date of arrival of the Product. Once the Product is ready for delivery, Saba or the delivery company will inform the Customer and provide him/her with available delivery dates.


    Saba will make its best efforts to reach the estimated date, but the actual delivery date could exceed it due to circumstances beyond Saba’s control. Notwithstanding the above, Customer may always contact Saba for re-scheduling and questions about the status of a Sales Order.

    Customer is responsible for providing Saba with its valid and accurate shipping address. Once delivery is confirmed, any failure by Customer to abide by the delivery schedule will result in re-scheduling fees to Customer. In the event Saba makes a delivery attempt that Customer fails to receive, Customer shall assume the extra cost of the failed delivery.

    Deliveries are to curbside, driveway, or a garage/secured area, only if accessible by pallet jack, unless otherwise noted in the Sales Order. Saba does not clean or remove trash or packaging after delivery.

    The delivery driver will wait 15 minutes for each delivery to be inspected, and Customer must cut open all plastic packaging and inspect the pallet while the driver waits.  Customer must open each box to check for any visible cracks or damage to the tiles.  It is Customer’s sole responsibility to inspect the Products upon delivery or when picking up Products to ensure that they match the Sales Order, are in a satisfactory condition without any obvious damage, and are delivered in the quantities exhibited on the Sales Order. If there is any damage to any of the boxes or Products, it must be reported on the bill of lading and given to the driver at the time of delivery; if Customer fails to do so, Customer voluntarily waives any and all claims for damage to the Products. All shipments are photographed and videotaped prior to shipping, to ensure everything on the Sales Order is on the pallet, packed, and wrapped properly without damage. Saba does not accept refund requests unless the Product is cracked, water damaged, or stained upon delivery and such defect is noted on the bill of lading.  After the driver leaves it is the Customer’s sole responsibility to remove and inspect each tile within each box to make sure it matches their order.  This is especially important for designs that have multiple tiles that make up the repeat.  Any discrepancy must be reported to SABA within 24hrs; if Customer fails to do so, Customer voluntary waives any and all claims.

    Because of the complex nature of some tile patterns, mistakes can easily be made when ordering the right quantity.  If the customer needs to order additional tiles, SABA does not guarantee they will be in stock or from the same dye lot.  For this reason SABA advises customers to lay out the tiles in the intended space as soon as they are delivered to make sure the pattern will fit in the way they had expect.

    Saba is not responsible for damages to Customer’s property that is not properly removed prior to the delivery arrival. The delivery crew is not authorized or insured to move items other than the Products being delivered.

    Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Installation site in which the Products are to be fitted is sufficient for the size and quantity of the Products purchased and to modify the premises if necessary. Customer must also provide the delivery vehicle with reasonable access to park and deliver the Products, or give Saba sufficient notice for reasonable arrangements for making deliveries. Customer agrees to sign a delivery note as proof of delivery.

    Saba shall not be liable for any reasonable delay in performance or failure to perform which is attributable to any cause beyond its immediate control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, fire, or other catastrophes, strikes, civil disobedience, military acts, fabrication delays, or transportation delays. Saba shall not be responsible for any labor charges, installation, or other consequential losses or incidental damages arising from such delays.

    Risk Passed Upon Delivery.

    Once the Products have been delivered by Saba to the Customer or its representative, the responsibility for the Products passes from Saba to the Customer including, without limitation, the risk of Products becoming lost or damaged.

    Accepted Variations.

    Products have variations of shading, size and finish, which shall not be considered defects. This applies not only to shading but also to the pattern that is produced within a Product. The material may present imperfections inherent in its nature, such as different shading, color or different intensity. It is impossible to get two Products that are the same as each other in shading and/or design. Customer acknowledges that any Product supplied will not be equal to the ones in the catalogue or showroom, but will be substantially similar.

    Saba’s Products require special care in order to maintain their quality and beauty; Customer acknowledges that they must follow any and all directions provided in Saba’s maintenance guidelines and/or installation instructions.


    All Products should be installed according to the approved industry standards.  Installation of the Product constitutes its acceptance. Installation services are not included in this Agreement. Saba has no responsibility for how Products are installed, but recommends that Customer consult with a professional to ensure they are using the correct adhesive, sealant, etc. For non-sealed tiles, Saba recommends sealing the Product three times – before installation, after installation, and again after grouting. Saba further recommends re-sealing three times per year for best results. Saba provides no guarantee as to life of the Product or resistance to staining.

    Retention of Title.

    Saba remains the legal owner of the Product until payment has been received in full. If Customer obtains possession of the Products before then, Customer agrees to hold them on Saba’s behalf until full payment has been received, at which time Customer will then become the legal owner of the Product.

    Cancellation of a Sales Order.

    Sales Orders may not be cancelled by the Customer after 24 hours from the Sales Order date. Customer may cancel the order within 24 hours, provided that it is also at least 72 hours before delivery and the shipment has not already been dispatched from our warehouse.

    In the event Saba cancels a Sales Order, to the extent permitted by law, its liability will be limited to refunding any deposit paid to Saba for the Products, which shall be processed within 30 business days.

    Relationship of the Parties.

    Saba is an independent contractor. No Customer can be considered Saba’s legal representative or agent, nor does any Customer have the authority to bind Saba for any purpose whatsoever. Saba and the Customer expressly acknowledge that the relationship intended by them is a business relationship based entirely on and circumscribed by the express provisions of this Agreement and that no exclusivity, partnership, joint venture, franchise, agency, fiduciary or employment relationship is created by any reason.

    The Customer acknowledges and understands that Saba has the right to sell its products in any area or territory of the United States and in the rest of the world, and that Saba may sell directly to other Customers, architects, dealers, home owners, etc. at Saba’s own discretion, at any time, and in any territory worldwide.

    Saba reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and Customer agrees to visit Saba’s website to apprise itself of any such changes, which shall be posted at https://sabatile.wpengine.com/.