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Price per tile: Min. Order: 27.52 sq. ft
Sq. ft. per box: 6.88 Tiles per box: 16
Tile size: 8" x 8"

Note: This discontinued sale item is NOT polycoated.

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General​ ​maintenance​

1. Your new geometric cement tiles should be mopped regularly with clear water, avoiding acids, only using a neutral cleanser when needed.

2. Tiles (without topical sealants) can be buffed with a soft white pad.

3. To enhance the natural sheen of your geometric cement tiles, a cap full of liquid wax may be added to
water prior to mopping.

4. Heavy traffic on cement tiles may result in the need for additional maintenance and possible refinishing. See below for further information.

5. Avoid using acids to clean your tiles. These may include, vinegar, lemon juice, bleach,
industrial detergents or citrus soaps.

6. Use mats at entrance ways to help keep your geometric cement tiles from staining.

7. Sweep regularly.

8. Regularly buffing tiles will help with maintenance and care.

9. Never allow water to accumulate on tiles. This could result in staining or cracking.

10. If using topical sealers, your tiles may require stripping and resealing. Please refer this
task to a professional.