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BURST - polycoated



per sq. ft


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Price per tile: Min. Order: 27.52 sq. ft
Sq. ft. per box: 6.88 Tiles per box: 16
Tile size: 8" x 8"

Samples Ship within 2 business days

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What is Polycoated?

SABA is the only company in the world with polycoated 100% stain resistant cement tiles. Our tiles don’t require sealing before or after installation and can withstand staining from grout, cleaning agents, acid, red wine, coffee and other food products.  A first of their kind SABA tiles are half the thickness of traditional cement tiles making them much easier to install and cheaper to ship.

General Maintenance

Unlike traditional cement tiles SABA tiles are very low maintenance.  They never need to be sealed before or after installation because we apply polycoating to the surface that makes the tiles stain resistant and stops color fading.

For best performance sweep and mop regularly using standard cleaning agents and avoid scratching the surface of the tile which can void their stain resistant qualities.