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About Us

SABA Tile Company was founded by Los Angeles based interior designer Dane Bailey who has been designing luxury homes and interiors for the past 15 years.

Our talented team of designers have created an amazing collection of contemporary fresh designs that are perfect for residential or commercial spaces.

Whilst we keep a large quantity of in stock items as part of our core collection we also work closely with interior designers, developers, hotels and restaurant owners to create custom tiles specific for larger projects.


Why choose SABA Tiles?

How are SABA tiles different from other companies?

Why are SABA tiles the best?


  • SABA tiles are ​thinner​ than the standard 16mm thickness.  Our tiles are 12mm thick which makes both installation and shipping much easier and more cost effective, while also reducing waste.
  • SABA tiles are ​stronger​ and ​smoother ​because​ ​the second layer is made with​ ​marble powder as well as sand. This increases the tile’s strength while also making the color more vibrant. All SABA tiles are polished and sealed twice before packaging. This makes for a smoother finish and greatly reduces the chance of efflorescence appearing.
  • SABA tiles have ​vibrant​ ​colors. ​We only use the highest quality natural mineral pigments from Belgium and Germany, which makes the color far more consistent, less likely to fade as well as longer-lasting.
  • SABA tiles pattern lines are ​sharp ​and​ consistent. ​Our divider molds are routinely sharpened and well maintained so that colors do not bleed and ruin patterns. Color bleeding occurs when molds are left to get blunt. Our tiles go through a rigorous quality control process where each individual tile is checked twice for any imperfections before being packaged.
  • SABA tiles are​ unique. ​We don’t carry any other companies’ designs; nor do we sell the traditional patterns commonly found on cement tiles. Apart from a few of our core basic patterns we only design original patterns and are always developing new custom colors for our clients. We have over 75 colors to choose from.
  • SABA tiles have ​short lead times.​ We keep a large variety of designs in stock so you don’t have to wait. But if you are looking for a special order, we can deliver in less than 8 weeks depending on the quantity and pattern.